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The Guess Who - Discography

Year Album Billboard 200 Record Label
1969 Wheatfield Soul 45 RCA Victor
1969 Canned Wheat 91
1970 American Woman 9
Share the Land 14
1971 So Long, Bannatyne 52
1972 Rockin’ 79
1973 Artificial Paradise 110
#10 155
1974 Road Food 60
1975 Flavours 48
Power in the Music 87
1976 The Way They Were (unreleased recordings by the classic lineup)
1978 Guess Who’s Back Aquarius Records
2018 The Future IS What It Used To Be Cleopatra Records
2023 Plain D’Amour Deko Entertainment
Year Album Billboard 200 Record Label
1972 Live at the Paramount 39 RCA Victor
1984 Together Again Ready Records
Reunion Quality Records
The Best of the Guess Who-Live! Compleat Records
1998 The Spirit Lives On – Greatest Hits Live J-Bird Records
1999 Down The Road – Live
2001 Running Back Thru Canada ViK. Recordings
2004 The Best of Running Back Thru Canada
Extended Versions: The Encore Collection SBME Special Products
2009 In Concert

Year Album Billboard 200
1969 The Guess Who?
1970 Sown & Grown in Canada
1971 Guess Who Plays the Guess Who
The Best of The Guess Who 12
1972 Shakin’ All Over (re-issue)
The History of the Guess Who
Wild One
1973 The Best of the Guess Who, Vol. 2 186
1977 The Greatest of the Guess Who 173
1988 Track Record: The Guess Who Collection
1992 These Eyes
1993 At Their Best
1997 The Guess Who: The Ultimate Collection
Razor’s Edge
1999 The Guess Who: Greatest Hits
2001 This Time Long Ago
2003 Platinum & Gold Collection: The Guess Who
The Guess Who: Anthology
2005 Let’s Go
2006 Bachman-Cummings Song Book
2010 The Essential Guess Who (“Anthology” re-issue)

As recorded by Billboard on it’s Hot 100 Chart.


Year Title Chart positions Album B-Side
Canada Australia UK Singles Chart[1] U.S.
1965 Shakin’ All Over
(Johnny Kidd)
1 27 22 Shakin’ All Over “Till We Kissed”
Tossin’ and Turnin’
(Richie Adams/Malou Rene)
3 “I Want You to Love Me”
Hey Ho, What You Do to Me
(Jo Armstead/Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson)
3 125 Hey Ho, What You Do to Me “Goodnight, Goodnight”
1966 Hurting Each Other
(Gary Geld/Peter Udell)
19 “Baby’s Birthday”
Believe Me
10 It’s Time “Baby Feelin’”
Clock on the Wall
16 “One Day”
“And She’s Mine”
32 “All Right”
1967 His Girl
(Johnny Cowell)
19 45 Non-LP singles,
later collected on
numerous compilations
“It’s My Pride”
Pretty Blue Eyes
(Teddy Randazzo/Robert Wilding)
“This Time Long Ago”
(Jerry Langley/Jimmy Stewart)
30 “There’s No Getting Away From You”
“Flying on the Ground is Wrong”
(Neil Young)
36 “If You Don’t Want Me”
1968 “When Friends Fall Out”
(Bachman/Burton Cummings)
75 “Guess Who Blues”
“Of a Dropping Pin”
97 Canned Wheat “Mr. Nothin’”
1969 These Eyes
7 100 6 Wheatfield Soul “Lightfoot”
1 10 Canned Wheat Undun
21 73 22 Laughing” (A-Side)
No Time
1 43 5 American Woman “Proper Stranger”
1970 American Woman
(Bachman/Cummings/Garry Peterson/Jim Kale)
1 43 19 1 No Sugar Tonight
No Sugar Tonight
1 19 1 American Woman” (A-Side)
Hand Me Down World
(Kurt Winter)
10 65 17 Share the Land “Runnin’ Down the Street”
Share the Land
2 63 10 “Bus Rider”
1971 “Bus Rider”
63 Share the Land” (A-Side)
Hang on to Your Life
5 43 “Do You Miss Me Darlin’”
“Proper Stranger”
(Australian release only)
85 American Woman No Time” (A-Side)
Albert Flasher
13 28 29 Non-LP single “Broken”
15 55 Albert Flasher” (A-Side)
Rain Dance
3 55 19 So Long, Bannatyne “One Divided”
Sour Suite
12 50 “Life in the Bloodstream”
1972 “Life in the Bloodstream”
39 Sour Suite” (A-Side)
Heartbroken Bopper
12 83 47 Rockin’ “Arrivederci Girl”
Guns, Guns, Guns
58 70 “Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday”
Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon
9 96 Live at the Paramount New Mother Nature
1973 Follow Your Daughter Home
(Cummings/Donnie McDougall/Peterson/Bill Wallace/Winter)
20 61 Artificial Paradise “Bye Bye Babe”
21 “The Watcher”
Glamour Boy
14 #10 “Lie Down”
1974 Star Baby
9 95 39 Road Food “Musicione”
Clap for the Wolfman
4 39 6 “Road Food”
1975 Dancin’ Fool
(Cummings/Domenic Troiano)
14 85 28 Flavours “Seems Like I Can’t Live With You,
But I Can’t Live Without You”
“Loves Me Like a Brother”
21 “Hoe Down Time”
“Seems Like I Can’t Live With You,
But I Can’t Live Without You”
81 Dancin’ Fool” (A-Side)
58 105 Power in the Music “Dreams”
“When the Band Was Singin’ ‘Shakin’ All Over’”
102 “Women”
1976 “Silver Bird”
63 The Way They Were “Runnin’ Down the Street”
1979 “Sweet Young Thing”
(Kale/Vince Masters/McDougall/Winter)
Guess Who’s Back/
All This For A Song
“It’s Getting Pretty Bad”
“C’mon Little Mama”
“Moon Wave Maker”
1981 “Magic”
(writer not listed)
Now and Not Then “All Over Now”
1984 “Let’s Watch The Sun Go Down”
Together Again “These Eyes” (live version)

Lenny Kravitz recorded a cover version of The Guess Who’s hit American Woman, which won a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance in the Grammy Awards of 2000 and helped The Guess Who find a new and younger audience. The song was used on the soundtrack of the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me motion picture. The song’s peak chart position was #3 in 1999.

*RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) Certified Gold (500,000 units sold)